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пятница, 27 мая 2011 г.

"Beauty Icon and Muse" - Betty Catroux

Betty Catroux (born Betty Saint) is a former Chanel model and fashion icon who has been cited as a muse by both Yves Saint Laurent and Tom Ford.
Saint Laurent has called her his twin sister and referred to her as his female incarnation.
Tom Ford was so inspired by her that he dedicated his debut YSL Rive Gauche collection to her.
  Catroux is famed for her long white-blond hair, lanky body, gaunt features, and androgynous appearance.
Catroux and Saint Laurent met, according to her, in a "very, very gay" nightclub in Paris, Regine's in the 1960s and have had a friendly relationship ever since.
When Victor Hugo asked her in 1976 what she normally did in Paris, Catroux answered "nothing".

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